Gardens and Picnic Spots

The Arunachal Pradesh gardens and picnic spots constitute one of the reasons for the popularity of the state as a tourist spot. The two major gardens and picnic spots of Arunachal Pradesh are the Ganga Lake and the Polo Park. Both these Arunachal Pradesh gardens and picnic spots offer a great deal of entertainment to the visitors.

The Ganga Lake is one of the important gardens and picnic spots at Arunachal Pradesh. It is also called the Gyaker Sinyi. It is a lake that is naturally made. The lake is positioned at a distance of 6 kms from the city of Itanagar. This lake belongs to the foothill region of Arunachal Pradesh Himalayan range. This place has gained popularity as a picnic spot.

The Ganga Lake also offers good opportunities for boating to the tourists The tourists are allowed to boat in the lake. The beauty of the Ganga Lake is enhanced by the surrounding dense forest. An uphill view of the Ganga Lake along with its green surroundings is mesmerizing.

The Polo Park is one of the major gardens and picnic spots in Arunachal Pradesh. This park is located in the capital of Itanagar. Though called a park, the Polo Park is actually a botanical garden.

The Polo Park houses a zoo along with a wide range of specimens collected from the world of plants. The zoo increases the popularity of the Polo Park among the tourists who come to visit the place. Therefore, it can be termed a treasure house of both plant and animal kingdoms in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. The park is established in Naharlagun.

Arunachal Pradesh gardens and picnic spots:
  • Ganga Lake
  • Polo Park

Last Updated on 09 March 2013