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Location of Hotels in Arunachal Pradesh

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*Map showing the location of hotels in Arunachal Pradesh. Disclaimer

Arunachal Pradesh, one of the most beautiful states in the country of India, has some of the world class tourist destinations that are still to be explored. The mystic mountains, the incredible valleys and the green carpets spread all across the state are something to be experienced and seen. Arunachal Pradesh is an amazing destination that is situated in the north eastern side of India.

Blessed with exotic locations and biodiversity, Arunachal is waiting to be explored and experience the alpine, tropical and temperate climate. The place is internationally renowned for its flora and fauna that thrive in the forests that come in four types.

Visitors to the state are most interested in visiting orchids. Besides, visitors can enjoy various activities like trekking, rafting, visit the wildlife, etc. The place also has big cats like tigers, clouded leopard, snow leopard, leopard, marbled cat and golden cat, etc living here. These are a treat to watch.

To explore the wild beauty and the serene nature of the place, you can visit any time of the year. The state has some of the best maintained hotels and those that suit every budget. Being situated in a very unique picturesque place, the state welcomes all kinds of visitors. Therefore you will find plenty of hotels and accommodations that will suit the kind of activity you expect and the nature of your stay. Every city in Arunachal Pradesh has excellent hotels that cater to all your needs. They provide sight-seeing facilities, car, TV, hot water facility, swimming pool, etc. There are hotels that are in the midst of the city, while some that are far away but in the midst of nature. You will love the view of nature when in the hotel room. Book your rooms before you leave to visit Arunachal Pradesh and its virgin beauty. Below are given hotels that you can check out before booking.

Top Hotels in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Tsepal Yongjam, Bomdila
2. Hotel Siphiyang Phong, Bomdila
3. La Hotel, Bomdila

There are many more places where you will love to stay. Other accommodations like the circuit houses are also available.

  Hotels in Arunachal Pradesh  

Last Updated on : July 30, 2014