Dhaulpur in Bharatpur reflects the rich historical legacy and architectural heritage of the ancient times. The ancient place of Dhaulpur has been the cradle of many civilizations of the bygone era which is reflected in the numerous architectural monuments of the place.

Sikandhar Lodhi had attacked the place in 1504 AD and destroyed the luxuriant gardens of Dhaulpur. However, the architectural splendor of Dhaulpur received a boast under the administration of the Mughal emperors. Babur had constructed the luxuriant Mughal Gardens at Jhor which is at a distance of 16 km from the main city of Dhaulpur.

Dhaulpur has many places of tourist interests. Some of the notable tourist destinations of the ancient place of Bharatpur are:
  • Tomb of Bibi Zarina- An architectural splendor of the ancient times, the beautiful tomb of Bibi Zarina draws several tourists from far and wide
  • Bari- The famous Van Vihar wildlife sanctuary of Bari has a vast reserve of rare species of animals and birds
  • Mach Kund- Situated at a short distance of 5 km from Dhaulpur city, Mach Kund houses several beautifully designed religious shrines and a lake that adds to the beauty of the place
  • Talab- e- Shahi Lake- Constructed in the year of 1286 AD by Firoz Shah, the crystal clear water of the Talab-e-Shahi Lake attracts numerous visitors
  • Damoh Waterfall- Blessed with natural scenic beauty, the Damoh waterfall of Dhaulpur offers the tourists with a scope to enjoy the natural splendor of the place
The travel agents of Rajasthan organize several excursions from Bharatpur to Dhaulpur that enriches the historical knowledge of the tourists.

Last Updated on July 23, 2013