Bharatpur Government Museum

The Bharatpur government museum is situated in the heart of Lohargarh fort. Bharatpur government museum is replete with some of the most unique and archaic artifacts and archaeological resources. The government museum of Bharatpur is the abode of old and archaic souvenirs that are of rare quality.

Initially this museum was an enormous building known as Kachahari kalan. It was the administrative section of the great rulers of the district of Bharatpur. Later on, Kachahari kalan was changed into a government museum in the year 1944 A.D. The Kamra Khas or the personal block of the Bharatpur Rajas became an important part of the museum. This museum displays to the visitors the richness and grandeur of the Bharatpur kings. The artifacts and souvenirs are preserved with great care by the administrative body of Bharatpur. There are many priceless sculptures that adorn the houses of Bharatpur museum. They were discovered during the archaeological excavation of old villages namely Mailah, Noh, Bayana and Bareh.

Bharatpur government museum is one of the central tourist attractions of Bharatpur. Tourists coming from every nook and corner of the world are bedazzled by the archaic beauty of Bharatpur museum.

Last Updated on July 23, 2013