Geography of Bharatpur

The Geography of Bharatpur provides details about topography and the physiography of the Rajasthan city. The city of Bharatpur encompasses a net area of about 22 sq. km and stretches between the latitudinal parallels of 26° 22' North and 27° 83' North and the longitudinal meridians of 76° 53' East to 78° 17' East. The city is perched at an elevation of 1893 m above sea level.

Popularly known as the Eastern gateway of Rajasthan , Bharatpur is sited at a distance of 184 km from the capital city of New Delhi. The city is enclosed between Gurgaon, Mathura, Agra, Dholpur, Dausa and Alwar.

Bharatpur, being located in the arid terrains is drained by three seasonal rivers whose waters account for the city's irrigation. One of the rivers, the Gambhir River whose source is the Pachana Dam in Karoli District meanders through the city to meet the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh. The Ban Ganga River commences from the Ramgarh Dam in Jaipur and joins the River Gambhir while the Rooparel River flows through the hilly terrains of Alwar to enter Bharatpur. Since these rivers are not perennial, the Bandh Baaretha Dam has been constructed on the Kakund River to supply water for drinking and irrigation purposes. TO know more about Geography of Bharatpur click on the link:

Last Updated on 23/07/2012