People and Culture of Bharatpur

The quintessential rural touch is the most striking feature of the people and culture of Bharatpur. Bharatpur is a city, which still has the touch of rural Rajasthan. The city is integrally connected with the nearby villages and towns and their culture has been imbibed in the city's culture also.

The Bharatpur- Rajasthan society is mainly religious in nature and loves to preserve the traditions and customs of the place. Bharatpur is associated with wonderful art and craft that the state of Rajasthan boasts of. The friendly residents of Bharatpur are famous for their cordial hospitality.

The caste system is still present among the religiously inclined people in Bharatpur. The maximum number of Bharatpur residents are Hindus but there are also people who follow Islam, Christianity and some other religions.

The society is basically patriarchal. One important aspect of the Bharatpur society is the presence of joint families. The joint family system is still valued in Bharatpur villages as well in the city.

The colorful festivals of Bharatpur is the reflection of the Bharatpur culture. The most popular festival in Bharatpur is the Brij festival. This festival is celebrated a few days before Holi.

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Last Updated on 23/07/2012