Bharatpur Weather

Bharatpur Weather represents the typical Rajasthan weather. Bharatpur climate is thus represented by searing hot summers to cool winters with several variations. In summer, the temperature of Bharatpur is quite high with the mercury often crossing the 45° Celsius threshold. The sweltering heat of the Bharatpur summers record temperatures that vary approximately between 38° C to 45° C.

Monsoon in Bharatpur acts as a hiatus to the scorching summers. The temperature falls considerably to about 27° C. However, Bharatpur records a high relative humidity that varies between 70% to 75%. The winters are icy cold and the barometers dips below 10° C. Another essential feature of the Bharatpur winters is the hoary mist that engulfs the morning sky in the month of January.

Last Updated on 23/07/2012