Bharatpur Festivals

The Bharatpur Festivals reflect the culture of the city and the rural essence of the place. The area observes all the festivals that are held in the state of Rajasthan like Holi, Id, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas etc. However, the city have some of their own festivals.

Brij is one of the most popular Bharatpur festivals, which is held in the month of march before Holi. Another popular festival in Bharatpur is Teej. Celebrated as the monsoon festival, Teej is observed with great festivity and fervor. Girls sway in the swings, singing songs aloud. Cultural festivals are held around the city in the evening.

Another important festival in Bharatpur is Gangaur. The Gangaur festival is dedicated to Gauri - wife of Lord Siva. The festival of Gangaur is mainly observed by married women and unmarried ladies. The wives pray for their husbands' well being and unmarried girls pray for faithful husbands like Siva.

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  • Brij Festival Bharatpur

    Last Updated on 23/07/2012