Ganga Mandir in Bharatpur

Ganga Mandir in Bharatpur was constructed by Maharaja Balwant Singh in the year 1845. It took around 90 long years to build this immaculate temple. Ganga mandir built in the heart of the city of Bharatpur is one of the most beautiful temples.

It adorns the magnificent deity of Ganga Maharaj. The diety of Ganga Maharaj is made out of pristine white marble. This goddess is said to have been sitting on the back of a crocodile. There is also another striking idol of king Bhagiratha, which is 4 feet high. The gong of the Ganga temple has a very powerful reverberance, thus it can be heard from a great distance. The ganga temple is known to represent the purity and holiness of the goddess Ganga.

The temple is remarkable for its exquisite architecture. It is a two -storey mandir that combines various architectural styles. The temple walls and pillars are covered with excellent carvings. A sculpture of lord Krishna holding the mountain of Giri Raj stands on one side of the entrance gate of Ganga Mandir. On the other side of this gate lies the statues of Laxmi Narayanji and Shiva Parvati. Innumerable number of devotees visit this sacred place every year. The construction of this temple was conducted in a very unusual manner. The affluent inhabitants of Bharatpur were said to donate one month's pay towards the building of Ganga Mandir.

During the religious festival of Gangashaptami and Ganga Dussera countless devotees crowd the temple of Ganga annually. The temple is beautifully decorated during these times and thus it attracts the eye of every individual visiting this holy place.

Last Updated on July 23, 2013