Excursions from Bharatapur

Excursions from Bharatapur comprises of short trips to historical monuments and forts of Rajasthan that reflects the unique architectural splendor of the bygone era. Bharatpur of Rajasthan bears relics to the rich historical legacy and cultural heritage of the place during the ancient times.

One of the prominent excursions from Bharatpur is to the splendid architectural monument of the Deeg Fort. Built by Raja Suraj Mal, the remarkable structural design of the fort at Deeg attracts several tourists. A unique feature of the Deeg Fort is its tall towers that were used by the soldiers to shoot the enemies. The deep water channel around the fort adds to the security splendid structure.

The sojourn to the historical place of Dhaulpur enriches the historical knowledge of the tourists. An important place of tourist attraction, Dhaulpur houses several splendid architectural monuments that represent the rich artistic caliber and imaginative skill of the artisans of the ancient times. Mach Kund, the Tomb of Bibi Zarina and Talab-e- Shahi Lake are some of the prominent places of tourist destinations of the ancient place.

Gopal Bhavan is another notable destination from Bharatpur. Gopal Bhavan represents the remarkable architectural splendor of the ancient times that is reflected in the numerous structures of the huge monument. The Sawan Bhavan and Bhadon Bhavan add to the old glory and grandeur of the marvelous architectural creation of the Gopal Bhavan.

The travel agents of Rajasthan arrange regular trips from Bharatpur to the neighboring places of tourist interests at reasonable costs.

Below is the list of Excursions from Bharatapur:

Last Updated on 23/07/2012