Bihar Handicrafts

Handicrafts in Bihar

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Handicrafts in Bihar
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*Map showing important handicrafts products produced in Bihar. Disclaimer

Bihar handicrafts feature an extremely rich tradition of artistry and innovation. The handicrafts of Bihar are appreciated and adored all over the world because of their great aesthetic value and their adherence to tradition. The unique charm of Bihar handicrafts are felt by everyone around the world.

Bihar handicrafts prominently feature stoneworks. These stoneworks are produced in and around the Gaya region of Bihar, around the important sites of the Buddhist history. They make wonderful statuettes of Budhha, Ganesha and other traditional icons. The stone images are carved with supreme mastery and are the crowning glories of Bihar handicrafts. Black stone works making utensils and tableware are also extremely popular for ritualistic and religious purposes.

Bangle making around Muzaffarpur is another important part of handicrafts in Bihar. They are globally known for their tender beauty and are a perpetual favorite among the women of India because of their brightness and color. A note must be taken of the wonderful Sikki craft in Bihar's handicrafts traditions. These exquisite objects are hand-woven by women out of sikki grass. Then the grass are dried and sometimes died for finish. What results are baskets and and other utility objects of great charm. Bamboo crafts and leather crafts also form an important part of Bihar handicrafts.

Madhubani is famous for its wonderful paintings. They hold their own as a significant form of folk art in the global art market. The famous painters of Madhubani often give finishes to the carpets made in Danapur and together contribute to the formation of a great handicrafts tradition.

More information on Bihar handicrafts

  • Bangle Making - Bangle making of Bihar is largely centered around the region of Muzaffarpur. It is a very lucrative small scale industry of the region. The artisans involved in bangle making collect their raw material from the nearby forests, mainly lac and the natural colors used in the making of these colorful roundels. Bright and brilliant colors are typically used in bangles. They range from vermilion to bright yellow, from resplendent reds and purples to shining golds. The artisans from Muzaffarpur specialize in the making of a special kinds of bangles called the lahathi. They form an integral part of Bihar's bangle making tradition. These lac bangles are wonderfully decorated in bright colors usually orange and yellow and they are striped exquisitely. Often small mirror like glass pieces are adorned on the bangles.

  • Stone Work - Stone works in Bihar have a rich tradition dating back to the pre-Christian era. Bihar's stone works are both of decorative and utility character. The base of stone works in Bihar are centered around the Pattharkatti region of Atri in Gaya. However, some artisans of Gaya also practice the art and have been doing so for hundreds of years.

  • Sikki Craft - It is a virtual wonder of Bihar handicrafts. It transforms the simplest and the most common of things to the most wonderful objects, as if by magic. This wonder is executed by the extremely efficient artistry of the the sikki women. Bihar's Sikki craft is a product of the Mithila region of Northern Bihar. It is intrinsically connected to the cultural life of Bihar. Sikki craft objects are usually employed in making baskets, bags, hats and even intricate animal, bird and human figures.

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