People of Bihar

People of Bihar are divided into castes and sub-castes based on their origin and familial background. The people of Bihar had long been under the shackles of superstition but modern reasoning is paving the way for a rational society.

Talking about the people of Bihar, we can say that the total number of population in Bihar is, the number of males are 4,31,53,964 and the number of females are 3,97,24,832.

Further in Bihar we find that the people of Bihar are divided into five dominant castes. Among these castes are:

  • Brahman
  • Bhumihar
  • Rajput
  • Banias
  • Kayastha

    The Kayasthas and the Banias are the two dominant castes in the cities and towns. Among the people of Bihar, the Kayasthas occupy the position of the elite class in Bihar due to their modern professional occupation. The Banias occupy the second position and they are said to predominate in trade and commerce.

    Brahmans and Bhumihars are the other two prominent castes among the people of Bihar. Brahmans are the most superior among the castes in Bihar; whereas the Bhumihars are considered to be socially inferior.

    Among the people of Bihar, the other land owning castes are:
    • Ahirs
    • Kurmis
    • Koiris
    The scheduled castes also form a part of the people of Bihar. Some of the scheduled castes found in Bihar are:
    • Bhumji
    • Chamar
    • Dhobi
    • Dom
    • Dusadh
    • Musahar
    • Nat, and
    • Pasi
    It is noteworthy that the insane prejudice that was present among the people of Bihar few years back, are on its way to eradication through the joint efforts by the government and the youth of Bihar.

    Last Updated on 14 june 2013