Automotive and Automobiles, Chennai

The industries of automotive and automobiles in Chennai supplies a lion's share of locally made cars on India's roads. Chennai is quickly becoming India's answer to Detroit in the United States of America.

The automotive and automobiles industry is a major employer of Chennai and its immediate territorial region. Both petrol and diesel fueled automobiles are manufactured in the region. The automotive and automobiles companies are clustered for logistical and manufacturing synergies.

Electric powered automotive and automobiles are also mass produced in Chennai and its adjacent areas. This emphasizes the environment consciousness of the companies dealing with automotive and automobiles in Chennai.

The industries of automotive and automobiles in Chennai has given the following tangible and intangible benefits to the region:
  • Job and wealth creation
  • Automobile production and consequent maintenance- both are job creators
  • Transportation provision
  • Presence of automobiles maximizes leisure and travel opportunities
  • Revenue generation (for the government)
The quality control of automotive and automobiles in Chennai are bolstered by the setting up of the prestigious global Automotive Research Center which will conduct testing, validation and homologous services in the region.

The Chennai center of the Automotive Research Center will offer automotive and automobiles owners, users and tertiary users testing services in accordance with Euro V emission norms. A test track facility will also be built.

The center will also measure the effect of outside interference on the electronic insides of the new generation of automotive and automobiles in Chennai. Auto infotronics, passive testing, crash testing and electro magnetic compatibility will be tested in the facility.

Chennai is ideally poised to become the Detroit of the new century.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011