Amusement Parks in Chennai

Amusement parks in Chennai are one of the finest places to retreat in the Tamil Nadu capital. The amusement parks in Chennai comprises of all the modern facilities that other parks in the country are trying to develop.

An important aspect of the amusement parks in Chennai is that they are open to people of all ages and have an in house food joint where you can enjoy the local snacks of Chennai.

Some of the prominent amusement parks in Chennai that are the major crowd pullers are as follows :
  • Kishkinta : India's number one theme park, it is sited at Tambaram and offers some hi-tech rides like Space Shuttle, Wave Pool, etc.

  • Dash-n-Splash : South India's unique water park is situated just 30 kilometers from Central Station. Check out the free fall slides and flumes from a height of 12-35 feet.

  • VGP Golden Beach : A famous beach resort situated 30 kilometers away from Chennai offers fun filled children games, parks and sea side restaurant.

  • MGM Dizzee World : An exclusive water sports park located 24 kilometers towards Mahabalipuram near Muttukadu.

  • Dolphin City : An amusement park located on the east coast at new Mahabalipuram Road. Do check out the exclusive American Sea Lion performance in India.

  • Prime Time : An indoor amusement park for children, it is situated at Anna Nagar.

  • Tarsha Water Sports : A water sports park situated on the East Coast road, just 15 kilometers away from the Mammalapuram district.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011