Egmore, Chennai

Egmore is a well known shopping destination of Chennai. Egmore contains some important tourist attractions and is a prosperous trade and commerce center. Its hotels, shopping complexes, hospitals and clubs contribute to the general commercial appearance of the region.

Egmore lies slightly south west (3 kilometers away) of Chennai city center, that is George town, and can easily be reached by road.

The Chennai Egmore Railway Station is one of the two base stations in the city. The railways link the region with the city suburbs and the districts. Chennai Airport, the airport nearest to Egmore is about 13 kilometers away.

Some of the shopping options in Egmore are provided by:
  • Cane 'n' Bamboo
    It stores textiles and handicrafts sourced from charity based craft cooperatives at prices much lower compared to the other emporiums.

  • Co-optex
    It sells Kanchipuram silks from its own cooperative.

If you are interested in cheap fabrics then you may look about the small footpath fabric bazaar which is set up in the afternoons in the lane next to Co-optex Egmore.

  • Alsa Mall
    3, Montieth Road, Egmore
    Phone: 28546981

  • Fountain Plaza
    1, Pantheon Road. Egmore
    Chennai 600008
    Phone: 28193284, 28194402

  • Aditi Jewelers
  • Alankar
  • Ambica Pearl and Jewelers
  • Chandra Jewelers
  • Craft N Gems
  • Dolphin Gold Stores
  • Gautham Gold Covering And Fancy Store
  • Jaipur Arts and Jewels
  • Jugal Kishore
  • Traditional Jewelers
  • Lakshmi Jewelry Works
  • Mahavir Jewelers
  • Philip Times
  • Porkoodam Jewelers
  • Rabbani's Fashion Jewels
  • SMT Fashion
  • SPS Times and Electronics
  • Thofah
  • Titan Showroom
  • Vora Gem's Boutique
  • World Of Titan
Egmore is one of the most important commercial areas of Chennai, offering several options to those interested in some serious shopping.

Last Updated on 11/2/2011