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Road Network Map of Tamil Nadu

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Road Network Map of Tamil Nadu
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*Map showing entire road network of Tamil Nadu. Disclaimer
The roadways network in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is quite widespread. The state roadways network encompasses approximately 153 km in an area of 100 km2. This has surpassed the mean roadways network coverage of the nation which is 103 km for every 10 km2 area.

In the month of April 1946, a distinct Highways Department (HD) was set up in the state of Tamil Nadu. Subsequently, on October 30, 2008, the name of the organization was changed to the Highways and Minor Ports Department (HMPD).

The Highways and Minor Ports Department of Tamil Nadu has the principal responsibility of building and upkeep of the roadways in the state which comprise state highways, national highways, and important district roads.

The Highways and Minor Ports Department of Tamil Nadu runs its operations with the help of its 7 divisions and they are the following:
  • Construction and Maintenance Wing
  • National Highways Wing
  • Projects Wing
  • NABARD and Rural Roads Wing
  • Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project Wing
  • Metro Wing
  • Investigation and Designs Wing
The organization has its presence in the 450 subdivisions and 120 divisions of the 31 districts that form the state of Tamil Nadu.

About Tamil Nadu Roadways Network

As on March 30 2010, the state is home to a roadways network spanning 199,040 km. The different categories of roads along with their spans are listed below:

Roadways Network in Tamil Nadu
CategorySpan (km)
State highways9384
National highways/expressways 4873
Important district roads11288
Panchayat roads and other departments roads 1,37,399
Sugarcane roads and other district roads 36096
Total (approximate)1,99,040

Breadth wise information about the Government Roads (As on March 31, 2010)
Category wiseIntermediate lane Single laneMulti laneDouble lane Total
National highways4218212826854873
State highways14143267772619384
Important district roads38944170115310911288
Sugarcane roads and other district roads2292328253194836096
Total (approximate)69983807120371453561641

The Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project division of the HMPD takes up the improvement, passage, and maintenance activities on district roads, village roads, and state highways and it gets financing from the World Bank.

List of National Highways in Tamil Nadu

The national highways in Tamil Nadu join important harbors, capitals of the state, big manufacturing hubs and tourist destinations. There are 25 National Highways in the state of Tamil Nadu and out of them 12 National Highways have their limits within the state. Given below are the names of the various national highways in Tamil Nadu:
  • NH 207, NH 67, NH 209 - Join Tamil Nadu with Karnataka.
  • NH 49, NH 47, NH 220, NH 208 - Join Tamil Nadu with Kerala.
  • NH 4 - Joins Tamil Nadu with Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • NH 219, NH 205, and NH 234 - Join Tamil Nadu with the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • NH 7 - Joins Tamil Nadu with Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.
  • NH 5 - Joins Tamil Nadu with Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.
  • NH 66 - Joins Tamil Nadu with Pondicherry and Karnataka.
List of State Highways in Tamil Nadu

The State Highways in Tamil Nadu join major towns, district headquarters, and the National Highways in Tamil Nadu and bordering states. The State Highways Network can be divided into seven circles - Villupuram, Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Thirunelveli, Coimbatore, and Salem. Given below are the names of the State Highways in Tamil Nadu:

SH-1, SH 2, SH 3, SH-4, SH-5, SH-6, SH-6A, SH-7, SH-8, SH-9, SH-10, SH-11, SH-12, SH-13, SH-14, SH-15, SH-16, SH-17, SH-18, SH-19, SH-20, SH-21, SH-22, SH-23, SH-24, SH-25, SH-26, SH-27, SH-28, SH-29, SH-30, SH-31, SH-32, SH-33, SH-34, SH-35, SH-36, SH-37, SH-38, SH-39, SH-40, SH-41, SH-42, SH-43, SH-44, SH-45, SH-46, SH-47, SH-48, SH-49, SH-50, SH-51, SH-52, SH-53, SH-54, SH-55, SH-56, SH-57, SH-58, SH-59, SH-60, SH-60A, SH-61, SH-62, SH-63, SH-64, SH-65, SH-66, SH-67, SH-68, SH-69, SH-70, SH-71, SH-72, SH-73, SH-74, SH-75, SH-76, SH-77, SH-78, SH-79, SH-79A, SH-80, SH-81, SH-82, SH-83, SH-83A, SH-84, SH-84A, SH-84B, SH-85, SH-86, SH-86A, SH-87, SH-88, SH-89, SH-90, SH-91, SH-92, SH-93, SH-94, SH-95, SH-96, SH-97, SH-98, SH-99, SH-100, SH-101, SH-102, SH-103, SH-104, SH-105, SH-106, SH-107, SH-108, SH-109, SH-110, SH-111, SH-112, SH-113, SH-114, SH-115, SH-116, SH-117, SH-118, SH-119, SH-120, SH-121, SH-122, SH-123, SH-124, SH-125, SH-126, SH-127, SH-128, SH-129, SH-130, SH-131, SH-132, SH-133, SH-134, SH-135, SH-136, SH-137, SH-138, SH-139, SH-140, SH-141, SH-142, SH-143, SH-144, SH-145, SH-146, SH-147, SH-148, SH-149, SH-150, SH-151, SH-152, SH-153, SH-154, SH-155, SH- 156, SH-157, SH-158, SH-159, SH-160, SH-161, SH-162, SH-163, SH-164, SH-165, SH-166, SH-167, SH-168, SH-169, SH-170, SH-171, SH-172, SH-173, SH-174, SH-175, SH-176, SH-177, SH-178, SH-179, SH-180, SH-181, SH-182, SH-183, SH-184, SH-185, SH-186, SH-187, SH-188, SH-189, SH-190, SH-191, SH-192, SH-193, SH-194, SH-195, SH-196, SH-197, SH-198, SH-199, SH-200, SH-201, SH-202, SH-203, SH-204, SH-205, SH-206, and SH-207.

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