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India vs England Match

Wednesday, 5th September, 2007, saw team India in its full action. It was the day ,which will not be forgotten in jiffy by team India as well as Indian fans.

The marvelous feat of 94 by Sachin Tendulkar and icy cool 47 runs off 33 balls by Robin Uthappa see team India bouncing back in the series. Chasing the target of 317 runs, India defeated the host on its ground with two balls to spare. The 150 run partnership by Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly provided the much-needed momentum to Indian team. This opening pair was looking unstoppable and runs were pouring from every side of the field. India lost its first wicket at 150 when Kevin Pietersen caught Ganguly at cover. This wicket of Ganguly was followed by another early dismissal in the form of Sachin Tendulakr. Then at a moment it looked as if Indian fans have to return home disappointed as India lost its five wickets one after the other.

The arrival of M S Dhoni and Robin Uthappa on the crease filled Indian fans with excitement again. A match, which was slipping out of the grip of India, started shifting towards Indian side. India lost another two wickets and at the end of 49th over of the game cricket score of team India was 307/8. With Robin Uthappa and Romesh Powar on field, Indian fans were keeping their fingers crossed. One run each on first and second bowl made it 8 runs on 4 balls. The third and the fourth ball of the last over seized the fate of England in this match. These two balls saw Robin Utthappa transforming from a mere 21 year old guy to a National hero. He hit four on third and the fourth ball and the rest became history!