Bhrigu Rishi Temple

About Brighu Rishi Temple

Thousands of pilgrims visit Brighu Rishi temple in Bharuch, which derives its name from Brighu Rishi. The city has great importance in the Hindu mythology. Legend says that Bhrigu left his hometown in Haryana and migrated to Bharuch on the banks of River Narmada. It is said that this temple was built to honour Maharishi Bhrigu who attained sainthood by maintaining a perfect balance between wisdom and activity.

Maharishi Bhrigu was the saint who wrote the first Indian Astrological work, the Bhrigu Samitha, which contains about five million horoscopes. He tried to write down the destiny of everyone in the universe. The temple's beauty and aura is just amazing. The temple has well carved designs and beautiful architectural presence. The temple was built by the Marathas between 1675 AD and 1686 AD.


The Brighu Rishi temple is situated to the East side of the city in Dandia Bazaar on the banks of river Narmada.

Best Time to Visit

Bharuch, a small city situated on the banks of river Narmada has its own distinctive features. With textiles mills, chemical plants, dairy products and much more to its credit, the small city is also famous for some great temples. Bharuch has a tropical climate with a strong influence of the Arabian Sea.

Summers have a maximum temperature of about 40 degrees, so better avoid visiting the city during this season. The monsoon season here receives a good amount of rainfall but the climate remains humid.

The months of October and November, after the rains, become warm again. The best time to visit Bharuch is during the winter months when the air is fresh and pleasant.

How to Reach

The city of Bharuch is well connected with other parts of the state as well other major cities. Despite being a small city, the connectivity to this place is commendable.

The nearest airport to Bharuch is at Vadodara at a distance of 73 Km, Surat also has an airport at a distance of 45 km from Bharuch. Tourists can approach either of the airports depending upon the place they are coming from.

Bharuch railway station lies on the Mumbai-Delhi-Ahmedabad line. This line is connected with the Northern, Central and the Western railway link. There are various trains which run through this main intersection covering many cities. The major trains which pass along this link are Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express, Jammu Tawi- Mumbai, Bandra-Dehradun Express. Vadodara junction railway station and Surat railway station are the two main railheads of Bharuch.

Bharuch has one of the busiest bus stations in Western India. The bus stand has many state transport buses as well as private buses running, which connect Bharuch to various parts of the state as well as many major cities of other states. National highway 8 is the main highway which runs along Bharuch, which connects cities like Mumbai to New Delhi. The city has a very good service of auto rickshaws and utility vehicles.

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Last Updated on : June 30, 2014