Places to Visit in Utelia

A few hours away from Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, Utelia is a village of picturesque simplicity. Modern influences have barely touched it. There are not many tourist attractions in Utelia. A glorious past resting in the impressive monuments or breathtaking landscape is not available in Utelia. Rather the non-descript rustic nature of the little village itself is most important of the tourist attractions in Utelia.

Places to See in Utelia

Utelia Palace

The old palace is the focus of the village. Bhav Sinhji, a chieftain of the Vaghela Rajput clan founded the palace in 1786. The architecture sports a unique blend of the Indo-Saracenic and the European style. Domes, pillared galleries, balconies and porticos combine with Gujarati haveli style facades to form a spectacular edifice. The high pedestal, entrance archway, row of columns, twisting staircase, exquisite chandeliers and portraits retains the perfect old-world charm.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Close to Utelia, this is a one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Utelia for the bird watchers. Around 250 species of birds arrive here from Siberia during November to February.

Velavadar National Park

Once the private game reserve of Maharaja of Bhavnagar is home to a range of wild lives. Endangered species like gray wolves and black buck are found here aplenty.

Hot Springs

The village has a natural hot sulphuric spring, which is believed to have therapeutic qualities. The locals take bath here uninhibitedly.


A short excursion (20 min.) away from Utelia, the archaeological site of Lothal is one of the major tourist attractions in Utelia. Excavations have revealed here the relics of Indus Valley civilization.

Last Updated on : 24/09/2013