Cheap Flights to Guwahati

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Not everyone can afford to travel by business class in a plane. There are still many people in India for whom traveling by plane amounts to be a luxury. Airline companies keeping with changing times and rising competition are now offering cheap flights to attract more and more people to travel by planes as many a time there is hardly any difference in fares of a plane and train in long distance routes.

Booking a flight in advance is likely to fetch huge discounts on the cost of ticket in case of most airlines. These flights might not come loaded with comfort and luxury of business class but they definitely help you save a lot of money on traveling. These flights are ideal for middle class families.

Following are some of the cheap flights that you can take to reach Guwahati from major Indian cities.

Flights from New Delhi to Guwahati
  • Go Air- 5608 Indian Rupees
  • Spice Jet- 5757 Indian Rupees
  • Indigo Airlines- 5763 Indian rupees
Flights from Mumbai to Guwahati
  • Go Air- 6478 Indian Rupees (Have to change plane at New Delhi)
  • Kingfisher- 7013 Indian Rupees (Have to change plane at New Delhi)
  • Jet Airways- 8629 Indian Rupees (Have to change plane at New Delhi)
Flights from Bangalore to Guwahati
  • Jet Lite- 6565 Indian Rupees
  • Jet Airways Konnect- 7365 Indian Rupees
  • Spice Jet- 9144 Indian Rupees
Flights from Chennai to Guwahati
  • Jet Airways Konnect- 7463 Indian Rupees
  • Indigo- 8589 Indian Rupees
  • Kingfisher Airlines- 8088 Indian Rupees
Flights from Kolkata to Guwahati
  • Jet Lite - 3229 Indian Rupees
  • Indigo Airlines- 3770 Indian Rupees
  • Spice Jet- 3968 Indian Rupees

Last Updated on 10/6/2011