Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple is placed on the peak of a hill which is called by the name of Bilwa Parwat in Haridwar. The prime attraction of Mansa Devi Temple or Mansa Mata Mandir includes two awe-inspiring sculptures. While one of the Goddesses of Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar has eight arms, the other one stands in the shrine with five arms and three mouths. This unique traits of the two presiding deities makes Mansa Devi Temple one of the outstanding religious appeals of Haridwar.

Dedicated to Mansa Devi, the consort of Vasuki who is the king of snakes, the temple is visited by huge number of devotees who prefer to walk up the hill to seek the blessings of the presiding Goddesses. However arrangements of ropeway and trolley are also available to arrive at the temple premises.

Among the many must visits in Haridwar the Mansa Devi Temple claims a special mention. Enshrined with two unique idols the Mansa Devi Temple is one of the three Siddhpeeths of Haridwar.

Known for ubiquitous shrines, ashrams and ghats Haridwar is one of those tourists sites of India where infinite number of pilgrims come every year. Each and every temple of Haridwar tells of a distinct mythological saga. The local people of Haridwar have deep faith in the Gods and Goddesses of these temples. Such is the charm of the sacred locales of Haridwar that even tourists from other countries visit the place in large numbers.

Mansa Devi Temple, in a way, enhances the holy tradition of Haridwar which persists in the place from many past centuries.

Last Updated on 7/29/2011