Dharwar Rock Formation on Map

Dharwar Rock Formation on India Map

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Map of Dharwar Rock Formation
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*Map showing highlights the Dharwar Rock Formation on India Map.

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Rocks are a mixture of naturally occurring minerals found on and below the earth's surface up to a few kilometres deep. The properties of rocks depend on the minerals present in them and the process of aggregation of minerals. Most rocks are rich in silica, aluminium, magnesium and iron.

Mountains and plateaus have been formed on the earth from these rocks. The crust of the upper layer of earth is formed from rocks. The scientific study of rocks is called Patrology. Felspar is most commonly found among rock-forming minerals. So far, 118 elements have been found in the earth, of which eight elements make up 98% of the crust.

The oldest rocks of India are known as The Dharwar rocks. These huge and historic rocks are layered rocks formed by the erosion and deposition of primary rocks of the Archean order. The Dharwar rock system was found later than the Archean system but is older than the other rock systems. The creation era of this rock was constant from 2500 million years ago to 1800 million years ago. The Dharwar system is known as the great and special rock system as it is the first metamorphic sedimentary rock in India.

These giant rocks are highly modified, and the fossils are not found in them because the hints and forms of fossils got destroyed with time. Rocks of this sequence were found in the Dharwad, Bellary and Shimoga districts of Karnataka. The Dharwar rocks can be seen in the peninsula and outlying peninsula region.

You can spot the Dharwar rocks in the Aravalli ranges, Balaghat, Rewa, Chotanagpur, Ladakh, Zaskar and Kumaun mountain ranges, Vaikrata range near Spiti valley, etc.

Contains major metallic and non-metallic minerals:

These rocks are the most economically essential rocks found in India. All the primary metals and non-metals like gold, manganese, iron, copper, tungsten, chromium, zinc, fluorite, ilmenite, lead, antimony, bull farm, mica, cobalt, asbestos, garnet, marble, and corundum minerals of the Indian country are obtained from the great Dharwar rocks.

The oldest giant mountain, the Aravalli range, was made with these rocks.

Some vital series of the Dharwar system:

  • Champion series
    It is spread over the districts of Karnataka.
  • Champaner series
    It lies in the outer region of Gujrat.
  • Chilpi series
    It covers the parts of Jabalpur, Chhindwara and other districts of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Closepet series
    It also lies in the part of the districts of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Iron Ore series
    It is distributed in Bonai and Keonjhar in the form of ranges.
  • Khondalite series
    It covers many eastern ghats from the northern extreme to Krishna valley.
  • Rialto series
    It starts from Delhi (Majnu ka Tilla) to Rajasthan in a north to south direction.
  • Sakoli series
    It extends over Jabalpur and Rewa districts.
  • Sausar series
    It spreads over Nagpur and other cities of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

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