Kite Flying

Kite flying is a tremendously popular sport both in India and abroad. No one knows when men started flying kites. Greek literature mentioned about kite flying as back as in 14th century BC. Later kites moved out of Greece and traveled to India, China, Mongolia, Europe, Thailand and Japan.

In the ancient times, kite flying to large extent had gratified men's subconscious desire to fly in sky like. Flying an object in the land of clouds and controlling it with a string held on earth and the floating movements of the kites in the wind have stimulated men's imagination in ages.

Kites have been used in wars to send signals to the troops too.

Not many props are required for the sport. Only a single individual can enjoy the game. But numerous people too can participate in a contest. Generally made of paper, silk or other thin materials, the kites come in various shape and size. The light framework is generally made of slim bamboo sticks. The kites are carried by the wind and are kept afloat. One can control their movement in the direction of the wind with threads attached to it in a hand-held pin-roll.

In different states and cities in India, there are varying seasons if not particular days, for kite flying. By the afternoon when the roofs of houses and every tall posts are manned by kids and elders alike and the sky is peppered with kites of different shapes, sizes and colours, it is a delightful sight. The real fun is cutting each other's kite lines.

A lot of efforts go into strengthening the kite lines and lending it that cutting edge. The loud shrill cheers of 'Bo-Katta' from the winner, each time a kite's line is severed, fill the air.

In Ahmedabad, Kite festival is held in January on Makar Sankranti with unmatched fervor. The ace kite-flyers from different parts of Indian and abroad take part in this festival to compete and display their kite-flying skills.

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