Indore Entertainment

There are a lot of sources of Indore entertainment, which help to provide quality recreation to the people who stay in this part of the country of India.

The city has a number of well known restaurants and bars, which provide quality food and liquor to the people at the city. The television channels and radio stations of the place are quite popular among all the different age groups of Indore people. the city also provides a lot of opportunities for shopping a variety of interesting items.

The restaurants of Indore have on offer a variety of healthy and tasty dishes from different cuisines to cater to the varied tastes of the customers. Some well known restaurants of the region are Utsav Restaurant, Angeera restaurant and Hot Treats. There are also quite a few bars in Indore, which offer a wide range of quality liquor to refresh the guests. A few reputed bars of the place are Charlie Bob's Bar, Betty's Place and Tractor Bar.

The newspapers of Indore are quite popular among the people who live there. These newspapers are a significant source of news, views and ideas for the people residing there. The Naidunia is a foremost newspaper of the region. It is a Hindi newspaper of the region. The people of the state can avail a number of radio stations like radio Mirchi, My FM and All India Radio.

There are a lot of opportunities for shopping in Indore. A number of handicrafts, leather toys and bangles made of glass are some of the most popular shopping items of the place.

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Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012