Media in Indore

The well developed media in Indore provides the local indigenous inhabitants of the city with an opportunity to amass complete information from the world of politics, sports, entertainment, business and education. Indore has an excellent network of media services of local newspapers, television, radio and local magazines and journals.

The socially, politically and culturally conscious native inhabitants of Indore regularly read the local and national newspapers to acquire detailed information about the various important events of the state, nation and world. The Devi Ahilya University of Indore provides the interested students to study journalism and mass communication at the under graduate level.

The numerous publishing houses of Indore prints out several local daily newspapers and monthly magazines that provides in-depth knowledge about the political, social and economic scenario of the state of Madhya Pradesh, India and the world at large. Some of the prominent newspapers of Indore are:
  • Indore Samachar
  • Free Press Journal
  • Chronicle
  • Nav Bharat
  • Nai Duniya
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Chautha Sansar
Prabhat Kiran, Agni Ban and Danik Dophar are some of the notable evening newspapers of Indore.

Television is the other notable medium of communication of the native population of Indore. The various programmes of the local channel of Indore provide the audience to acquire knowledge over several important political, social, religious and economic events of the state of Indore and the country.

Radio is another notable source of disseminating vital information. An essential part of Indore entertainment, the newspapers, television and radio updates general awareness of the local inhabitants of the city.

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Last Updated on 29th Nov 2012