People and Culture of Jabalpur

The people and culture of Jabalpur are quite interesting to study. The social customs of this city of Madhya Pradesh is closely associated with the Hindu culture. This is because the majority of the population of this city are Hindu by religion.

Due to the Maratha and Gond dynasties and the presence of the sacred river called Narmada, mainly the Hindus dominate this part of Madhya Pradesh.

During the rule of the Mughals, quite a few Muslim people came to this place to make it their home. With more and more people migrating from the rural regions to the city of Jabalpur, the population of the city is fast increasing. The main means of livelihood in the city are the industries associated with defense and cottage industries.

The art and craft of Jabalpur is an important part of the cultural life of Jabalpur. One of the most well known Jabalpur crafts is durry designing. The unique designs and color of the durries make them very popular.

Hindi is the most important language in the city. Urdu and Marathi are the other two important languages of the region.

The inhabitants of the region take part in the festivals of Jabalpur. Almost all the major festivals of India are celebrated in this city. Different forms of dance like Gond, Matki, Phulpati and Giridaand are an important part of the celebration of these festivals.

There are quite a few reputed restaurants in Jabalpur. Some well known restaurants of Jabalpur are Roopali Restaurant, Panchavti Gaurav and Zayaka Restaurant.

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Last Updated on 16th Dec 2012