Jabalpur Art and Craft

Jabalpur art and craft is closely associated with the people and culture of Jabalpur. This city of the state of Madhya Pradesh has a rich cultural lineage.

One of the most important crafts of Jabalpur is durry designing. These durries, which are actually flat carpets, are very popular not only in Jabalpur but in the entire state of Jabalpur. These durries are available in a variety of designs. A Jabalpur durry is made up of thick cotton or woolen fabric. The process involved in making theses durries is a primitive one. The technique has not been much modified with time.

The specialties of the durries of Jabalpur are beautiful and unique patterns and colors. Mainly, the women of the city are engaged in dury designing. The women of the rural regions of Jabalpur create beautiful durries. The most popular durries are the woollen and cotton punja durries. The durry designs that are in demand are human and animal figures, kiln designs and geometric patterns.

Last Updated on 16th Dec 2012