Jabalpur Festivals

The Jabalpur festivals are celebrated with much pomp and grandeur throughout the entire city. These festivals are closely associated with the people and culture of Jabalpur. The people who stay in the city are very religious by nature and actively participate in all the major festivals of the country of India.

The people celebrate the festivals of Jabalpur with pomp and grandeur. Different dance forms are an integral part of these festivals in Jabalpur. The Gond dance form called Karma is performed during the month of August. This dance form is associated with fertility.

Some other very popular dance forms of the city are Matki, Giridaand and Phulpati dance forms. These dance forms are mainly performed by the nomadic ethnic groups called Banjaras and Kanjars. The women of this part of India dance while balancing earthen pitchers on their heads. The Dolaki, a drum, is often used to produce the background music while dancing.

Last Updated on 16th Dec 2012