Jalandhar Business

Jalandhar business comprises of sports goods industries, textile factories, auto parts factories, industries of rubber goods and many other industrial units that has strengthened the economic base of the region. Endowed with all the necessary infrastructural amenities, the industries of Jalandhar produce quality goods.

Jalandhar Economy

The sports industry is the backbone of the Jalandhar economy. Jalandhar has several industries that produce superb quality sport goods and equipments. The city houses about 90% of the industries of Punjab that produce sport goods of cricket balls, bats, foot-balls, hockey sticks, badminton rackets, and many other goods that are required in any major sporting event of the country. The state earns a chunk of revenue from the vast production of sport goods.

Jalandhar has several industries that manufacture good quality rubber products. The rubber industries are known for producing good quality rubber tubes, V- shaped rubber belts of slippers and rolls of rubber for industrial usages.

Jalandhar has numerous auto-parts industries. The auto-parts industrial units of Jalandhar help the state to earn large revenues through export of the parts of an automobile.

The leather industry is one of the most well established industries of Jalandhar. The leather units of Jalandhar are famous for producing bags, shoes and other products of good quality leather.

Most of the skilled and unskilled workers of Jalandhar are absorbed in the industrial units of the city. The economy of Jalandhar received a boasts after the partition of our country, when most of the skilled laborers from Pakistan decided to settle in the city.

Real estate is a flourishing business of Jalandhar that has imparted a modern look to the city and has strengthened the financial condition of the region.

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Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012