Jalandhar Industries

There are a couple of Jalandhar industries, which have flourished to a great extent in the period after India's partition. The post-partition industrial boom of Jalandhar is owing to the relocation of skilled people from Sialkot in Pakistan.

These people were expert manufacturers of surgical and sports items. A number of leather goods were already being manufactured in Jalandhar. In the last few years, a couple of new industries have also thrived in the district.

Some of the most well known industries in Jalandhar are associated with the manufacture of blocks, ball bearings, auto parts, machines for cutting chaff and lathe chucks. Some of the most important industries at Jalandhar are given below.

This place produces around 90% of the total sports items produced in Punjab. Some of the sports items manufactured here are cricket bats, footballs, cricket and hockey balls, badminton, tennis and squash rackets, hockey sticks, leather items, shuttle cocks and balls.

The auto parts industry is one of the main industries of Jalandhar. As many as 300 different auto parts industry centers are there in Jalandhar, which employ more than 4500 people. The major hand tools produced at Jalandhar are screw driver, spanner set and nose pliers.

There are 275 centers in the district that produce various surgical equipments. The tanning industry has also flourished to a great extent in Jalandhar. The products of this industry include shoes and other leather articles. Some of the rubber items produced at Jalandhar are V-belts, V-shape chappals, rubber rolls and cycle or scooter tires.

The above Jalandhar industries show a great deal of promise in the years to come. Some other industries of Jalandhar are sanitary fittings, valves, cocks and pipe fittings, electrical items, publishing books, garden tools, agricultural equipments and food products.

Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012