Jalandhar Real Estate Agents

There are quite a few Jalandhar real estate agents, who provide quality services to the common people of the district. The real estate agents at Jalandhar help the common people of the district to sell and buy any type of property, including a flat or a house.

One of the renowned Jalandhar real estate agencies is the Dreams Real Estate. It is housed at 27, Guru Gobind Singh Nagar, close to the FCI Colony. This agency is well acclaimed in the real estate market of the state as it provides almost all the basic facilities that one can expect from a good real estate agency.

The Atam Real Estates is one of the most well known real estate agencies of the district. It is located at the Udham Singh Nagar, opposite the Television studio of Jalandhar. This agency has a lot of reputation in the real estate field of the district because it gives personalized attention to the clients and takes care of their individual preferences and requirements.

Karmjot Builders and Real Estate is another renowned real estate agency of Jalandhar. If one is interested in any kind of property transaction in the district, then he or she can consult the Karmjot Builders & Real Estate.

The above named real estate agents of Jalandhar offer a variety of services associated with the field of real estate. These Jalandhar real estate agents have facilitated the real estate activities to a great extent.

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Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012