Shopping in Jalandhar

Jalandhar is one of the most important cities in Punjab and shopping in Jalandhar occupies an important position in a Punjab tour itinerary. Jalandhar is a busy urban city and there is hardly anything that one will not find in Jalandhar. Therefore shopping in Jalandhar can be pretty confusing for those unaware of the specialties of the place. One can choose from a wide plethora of items and therefore shopping in Jalandhar can be real fun. The versatility of shopping in Jalandhar lies in the fact that there is something for everybody. The most popular shopping items in Jalandhar include:

  • Traditional Handicraft
  • Handloom items
  • Kitchen Household-utensils
  • Leather
  • Quilts and Blankets
  • Textiles
  • Jewelery
  • Sports goods
  • Flowers
  • Furniture

  • Besides buying the usual urban stuff one must be aware of the specialties of the region before shopping in Jalandhar. Famous for leather, Jalandhar is a world leader in the production of leather goods. Therefore shopping in Jalandhar must include at least one leather item. Known as the sports capital of India, Jalandhar has an ever growing sports goods industry. Therefore the sports lovers should not miss a chance of shopping in Jalandhar.

    The global mall culture has also entered Jalandhar and today the city has some of the best malls in the country. Shopping in the malls of Jalandhar is like shopping in any other Western country and one can find most of the International brands in these malls. However, although globalization has entered Jalandhar, there are a number of shops selling traditional items in Jalandhar and they are an integral part of shopping in Jalandhar.

    The traditional handicrafts and art works of Jalandhar can be bought at the many traditional shops in the city. It is these unique items that make shopping in Jalandhar even more colorful. The most popular shops that sell traditional items include:
    • Oriental Crafts
    • Prince Glass Corner
    • Taj Handicrafts
    • Janta Textiles and Handicrafts
    • Loveleen Handicraft
    • Pacca Bagh, Jalandhar
    • Jaina Crafts
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    Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012