Art Galleries in Jalandhar

Art Galleries in Jalandhar usually displays visual art, primarily paintings. These art galleries exhibit the works of both master artists and the upcoming new artists.

The paintings of different artists are classified into different categories depending on the medium of painting that is used namely acrylic on board, charcoal on paper, brush or ink on paper, acrylic on paper, collage on board, conte on paper, acrylic on canvas. In the art galleries the painting are also categorized on the basis of styles like Landscape, Collage, Realistic, Abstract, Figurative, Drawing and Surrealistic.

These art galleries are a favorite destination for both students of art and art critics. These are the best places to enjoy the masterpieces of the masters of the future. Some of the popular art galleries in Jalandhar are as follows:
  • Aman Art Gallery
    Avtar Nagar Road, Jalandhar

  • Venus Art Gallery
    5, Cool Road, Jalandhar

  • Guglani Art Press
    Khingra Gate, Jalandhar

  • Hastshilpa Art Enterprise
    Basti Nau, Jalandhar
Apart from display, the Art Galleries in Jalandhar are also used for commercial purposes to sale the works of art by the artists.

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Last Updated on 17th Dec 2012