Beaches in Karnataka

Karnataka Beaches Map

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Karnataka Beaches Map
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The 320 kilometer coastline of Karnataka is mushroomed with beautiful palm-fringed beaches. The picturesque beauty and charm of Karnataka beaches make them must-visit destinations of the state.

Most Renowned Beaches in Karnataka

Karwar Beach

Karwar Beach of Karnataka is one of the most popular beaches in South India. This beach is one of the most famous tourist hang out in Karnataka. The calm atmosphere and lavish surrounding are the star attractions of Karwar Beach in Karnataka.

Karwar is the district headquarters of Uttara Kannad and has some mesmerizing beaches. The Karwar Beach of Karnataka is an ideal retreat for the urban public to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. Karwar Beach in Karnataka is encircled by palm trees and sea water. The golden sand of the Karwar Beach is a perfect retire.

Karwar Beach of Karnataka provides its visitors with some scintillating view of hills, landscapes and sea. The beach is favorable for organizing picnics. You can relish amidst the sea waves while swimming or go out for fishing. Moreover, the Karwar Beach is a perfect spot for water sports. You can also take a sun bath or explore the nearby woods of Karwar Beach in Karnataka. Do check out the spicy sea food garnished with coconut at the food stalls on the Karwar Beach.

Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach of Karnataka is one of the ideal tourist destinations in South India. Malpe is an exotic beach that offers a serene environment to all its visitors to relax in. It is inhabited by visitors who come there with their family or friends on picnic.

Malpe Beach of Karnataka is well known for its sandy land circled with palm trees that are a delight to every eyes and the sea water full of mild waves. You can entertain yourself at Malpe Beach in Karnataka by swimming in the waters or retiring on the warm sand or taking a sun bath. While you do all these, do not forget to pamper your taste buds with some mouth watering local food at the stalls that stand on the Malpe Beach.

Malpe Beach at Karnataka is easily accessible from Udipi and Manipal which are only 6 kilometers away or Mangalore which is just 66 kilometers away through some rented cab or taxi. At Malpe in Karnataka you can reside in some lodges nearby or check out hotels in Mangalore, Manipal or Udipi.

Marwanthe Beach

Marawanthe beach of Karnataka is one of the most beautiful beach in the whole of South India. Marawanthe beach at Karnataka is the perfect retreat for tourists from the noisy and crowded city life.

arawanthe beach of Karnataka is surrounded by Kodachari Hills and lies between Arabian Sea and Sauparnika river. Marawanthe beach is 50 kilometers away from Udupi, 110 kilometers from Mangalore and 450 kilometers away from Bangalore. Marawanthe beach in Karnataka is a sandy beach circled by palm trees that create an enchanting environment all around the beach.

At Marawanthe beach of Karnataka you can relish amidst the gentle waves of the river while swimming or try different river sports or water sports. You can also go out for fishing or take a sun bath or stroll around the Marawanthe beach along with some eatables from the small stalls on the beach.

Bhatkal Beach

Bhatkal Beach is located 16 kilometers away from Bhatkal. Bounded by the sea and the hills, this place is known for the gorgeous temple perched on a hillock near the shore. The best time to visit it is August to March.

Murudeshwar Beach

The Murudeshwar Beach of Karnataka is one of the finest beaches in South India that offers you an exhilarating experience of the sea beaches. The Murudeshwar Beach at Karnataka is an alien land that offers relief from the busy city life. Murudeshwar Beach of Karnataka has been perfect venue for organizing picnics amidst the nature.

The Murudeshwar Beach at Karnataka is sited 16 kilometers away from Bhatkal, you can take up any local transport from there. The golden beach besieged with greenery all around has been the favorite picnic spot of the local people.

At Murudeshwar Beach of Karnataka you can go out for fishing or swimming or take a sun bath and retire on the sandy land, meanwhile relish your self with some regional delicacies that are available in the beach stalls.

Beaches in Gokarna

Karnataka is every travelers delight and this is why it is a must visit place for all the tourists of South India. The place has four beaches named Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half-moon and Paradise.

Every Gokarna Beach has been attracting lots of people from all across the globe through its unmatchable beauty. Gokarna Beach has played host to many picnics and parties.

The main attraction of Gokarna Beach at Karnataka is its splendid surrounding and serene and pure atmosphere. Gokarna Beach is easily reachable from Karwar which is just 56 kilometers away through some private car or rented cab. Accommodation is not a problem as you can reside in Hotel Gokarna International, Om Beach Resort, Nimmu House, Om Lodge, etc.

Gokarna beaches are considered sacred as per Hindu Puranas. It is believed that who ever visits these beaches gets rid of their sins. Moreover, you can enjoy a session of swimming or fishing in the waters there. You can also take a sun bath as it is very soothing and relieves you of all physical and mental wear and tear.

St Marys Island

St. Mary's Island is a set of small islands in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe in the Udippi district of the state of Karnataka. It is believed that Vasco Da Gama landed on one of these islands in 1498. The unique feature of the St. Mary's Island beaches is that these beaches are not available for swimming or strolling rather they offer you an unusual experience of watching the formation of volcanic rocks.

St. Mary's Island of Karnataka is easily reachable from Mangalore which is just 58 kilometers away. You can travel by bus or hired cab. Do not miss to watch the sunset at St. Mary's Island at Karnataka as you cannot experience the same crimson sky anywhere else.

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