Nandi Hills in Bangalore


Around 60 km away from the city of Bengaluru in the Chikkaballapur? district exist this famous ancient hill fortress called Nandi Hills, also known as Nandydroog or Nandidrug. Chikkaballapur town is 10 km away, while other towns in the vicinity are Kanivenarayanapura, Nandi and Muddenahalli. River Arkavathi originates from the Nandi hills.

Many stories are associated with the naming of these hills. Ananda Giri that is "Hill of Happiness" was the name given during Chola Dynasty. It is also said that it was named after Yogi Nandeeshwara as he performed penance here. Some believe that as the hill resembles Nandi or the sleeping bull hence, it is called Nandi hills. There is also an ancient Shiv Parvati temple in the hills.


Nandi hills witnessed the first ever attack of the army led by Cornwallis against Tipu Sultan of Mysore in 1791. Tipu Sultan and later the British used this place as a retreat during the summer seasons and a residence was built by Francis Cunningham for Sir Mark Cubbon.

The place due to its favourable climatic conditions also instilled interest amongst horticulturists who experimented with different species of plants. Many trees including Eucalyptus, Coffea Arabica are found here. Birdwatchers and photographers consider it as one of the ideal places of interest with the presence of rare species of birds like the Nilgiri Woodpigeon, Peregrine Falcon and Shaheen Falcon. Uropeltid snakes, Whistling Thrush and Yellow throated Bulbul can also be traced. This place is also one of the favorite abodes for migrant species like flycatchers and warblers during the winters.

Slowly it is gaining prominence as a popular tourist destination. It was developed as a proper hill station during the British Raj. One has to climb about 1,175 steps to reach this mesmerizing spot. It has become quite popular weekend outing spot for the Bangaloreans.

Rivers and lakes - River Palar, River Arkavati and River Pennar finds their origin from Nandi Hills. There is also a beautiful lake called Amruth Sarovar in the hills.

Apart from the above historical spots, tourists can find umpteen options for recreation. There is a lovely playground for children in a garden maintained by the Horticulture Department that surely is a different fun in the midst of a hills. You can opt for paragliding activities or go for trekking or cycling. Lot of cyclists and bikers are seen on weekends and holidays. A walk through the vineyard on the hills can be a different experience altogether.


Time for entry and exit is 6 am to 10 pm

Entry Fees

Rs. 5 per person
Rs. 15 for parking two-wheelers
Rs. 60 for parking a car

Location and How to Reach

It is situated near the new Bangalore International Airport at a height of 4,851 feet about 20 km from National Highway 7. The nearest airport is in Bengaluru from where one can reach Nandi Hills by road. The nearest railway station is Chikkaballapur from where the road distance is quite approachable. Hotels, guest houses and PWD accommodations are available for night stay. Buses from Kempegowda Bus Station (KBS)? or Bengaluru Majestic can be availed at around Rs 46 per head. It is the central bus stand in Bengaluru. Mini buses are also available from Chikkaballapur that takes you to the spot in about half an hour. You can also take a hired car to reach Nandi Hills.

Safe driving is very important as there is a single road that is used for the two way traffic. After the check point only four wheelers are allowed as the road can prove to be too slippery for the two wheelers. Beware of monkeys and stray dogs.

Last Updated on : 05/08/2013