Lalitha Mahal

The regal mysticism of the city of Mysore lies in the majestic Lalitha Mahal that stands at the summit point of the city presenting a spectacular and panoramic view of the city that lies beneath. The Lalitha Mahal at Mysore was once the residence of the guests who visited the royal family of the Wodeyars in Mysore. It is presently one of the most reputed five star hotels of the city that still retains the heritage and the royalty of the yesteryears.

The Lalitha Mahal in Mysore was constructed under the patronage of Maharaja Krishna Raja Wodeyar Bahaddur IV in the year 1921. The palace was designed and engineered by the reputed English architect, E W Fritchley. One of the chief attractions of the white stoned Lalitha Mahal of Mysore is the flight of stairs that leads to the hall on the first floor. The staircase is built of glazed Italian marble that glistens and adds to the charm of the palace. The luxuriant lawns are punctuated with the stately trees that are a royal retreat for the tourists who reside in the hotel of the city.

The Lalitha Mahal is situated to the east of the city. The palace was once referred to as the Summer Palace and was the home to the royal guests. The hotel maintained by the India Tourism Development Corporation maintains the regal atmosphere and treats the tourists with a similar regal hospitality that the royal guests received in earlier times during the reign of the Wodeyars.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011