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Badami is situated in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka and is one of the most premier tourist destinations of the state. It is situated in a ravine at the bottom of red sandstone cliffs that surround the serene and breathtaking Agastya Lake. Badami is a site of tremendous historical importance as it houses pre-historic human civilization sites as well as the grand archaeological remains of the glorious Chalukya Empire from the 5th to the 7th century AD.

Travellers throng the place through the year to visit the unbelievable human feats of Badami, the many amazing rock cut temples and their exquisite architecture. The Badami Fort also draws a great number of tourists, as do the number of ancient inscriptions in the area that bear witness to the terrain's long historical heritage. Badami, because of its cliffs and overhangs, also attracts many climbers, both professional and amateurs. The town, with the many Puranic myths attached to it and its obviously rich cultural heritage, has become very popular with all kinds of tourists from various countries.

Places to visit

The ancient town of Badami had been the capital of the great Chalukyan Empire, which saw the overall architectural and cultural development of the region and is home to some beautiful architecture and splendour. These include rock-cut temples, caves, inscriptions, pillars and majestic forts.

Some examples are:
  • The Badami Fort is one of the most popular tourist destinations and overlooks the beautiful Agastya Lake.
  • The Bhutanath Temple, constructed in the 5th century AD, overlooking the lake, is also an important tourist site.
  • The Dattatreya temple and the Mallikarjuna temple, built over a star-shaped yard, are also prime travel destinations.
  • The main cave temples of Badami are also a principal tourist spot not to be missed.
  • There are many Shivalayas which are also favoured by many tourists. The most ancient one, the Maligetti Shivalaya is beautiful and is an example of great Dravidian architecture.
  • Another important Shiva temple is the Jambulinga Temple. The temples also have many historical inscriptions that are worth a see.
  • Nearby towns of Aihole and Pattadakkal are also very prominent on the tourism map of the area.
  • Due to the cliff terrain of the town, many ardent climbers also throng Badami during the tourist season. The archaeological museum in town is also a must-visit for its invaluable treasure of the sculptures of the area.
Best time to visit

Badami has typically tropical weather through the year and the winters and spring are perfect for travelling to this part of the country. The ideal time to visit Badami is between the months of September and February. The average temperatures during winters and spring are temperate and comfortable, ranging from 13 to 32 degrees Celsius. The climate is ideal for sightseeing and climbing and other kinds of travelling in the area.

Summers in Badami stretch from March to June and the heat is scorching and quite humid and unbearable. Tourists are advised to avoid Badami during the hot summer months. April and May should be avoided at all costs because it is humid and the heat is quite uncomfortable. The monsoon months, between July and September bring welcome showers. This time is perfect for short trips although tourists are advised to expect medium to heavy showers.

How to reach

Badami is an important tourist destination of Karnataka and therefore it is quite well connected to the rest of the country. The nearest airport is at Belgaum which is connected to the main international airports of the country such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, etc., via operators such as Air India, SpiceJet and other domestic flight companies. The Belgaum airport is 190 kms away from Badami and regular buses and taxis are available to ply between the airport and Badami town. The nearest international airport is at Bengaluru, from where it takes 12 hours to reach Badami via buses, taxis or cars.

Badami has its own small railway station which is 5 kms away from the main town. Regular auto rickshaws and taxis ply between the station and the town. The trains that connect to Badami station from the rest of the country are the Yesvantpur Ac Express (Ahmedabad, Bengaluru), the Dharwar Sur Passenger (Dharwar), the Solapur Express (Hubli) and the Bijapur Express (Bijapur). Hubli station is also near Badami, about 100 kms away. Hubli is well connected to the rest of the country by various trains such as the Nizamuddin Link Express (New Delhi), Chalukya Express (Mumbai), Vsg Chennai Express (Chennai), Jan Shatabdi Express (Bengaluru) and Vsg Howrah Express (Kolkata).

Badami is approachable by road via the well-connected network of buses under the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. There are regular buses available that ply between Badami and Bijapur and Hubli and these are much more pocket friendly options than the private tourist buses that are available from Bengaluru. Bengaluru, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli and Bijapur also provide private cars and taxis to Badami.

Local Transport

Badami is a fairly small place and it is easy to cover it by the well connected bus routes and the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation networks. The city buses are pocket-friendly and cover the entire town. Apart from this, tourists can also avail auto rickshaws which ply across the town. Auto rickshaws are the main mode of transport in Badami and also connect the town to adjoining areas such as Pattadakkal and Aihole.

Health-conscious tourists are advised to rent bicycles, which is another innovative and intimate way to experience the main tourist hotspots. Cycles can be rented here on an hourly basis for very economic rates. Another mode of local transport is the ubiquitous tonga, which gives a very different and interesting experience to tourists, who are interested in exploring the ancient town at a more personal level. For the more luxurious tourists local cars and taxis are also available in Badami.


Badami offers a range of hotels and lodging facilities for travellers from all financial backgrounds. While there are budget hotels all around the town that do not burn a hole in one's pocket, there are luxurious options galore with some establishments built on fort structures which add to their grandeur.

Some of the popular hotels are the Hotel Mookambika Deluxe, the Hotel Badami Court, the International Rajasangam Hotel and the Heritage Resort - all on the Station Road. Some other more pocket-friendly options are the New Satkar Hotel, the Mayura Chalukya Hotel and the Hotel Anand Deluxe.

Apart from this, there are many other much more economical lodging options in and around Badami that are suitable for travellers of all financial backgrounds. Because it is such a tourist hub, all tourists are advised to complete their bookings and hotel reservations much before to get the best rooms and avail the best facilities.

Travel Tips

While Badami is a place much acclimatized to high tourist footfall through the year, Travellers are advised to keep in mind certain things while planning their trip. During the month of September, the Vinayak Chaturthi festival is held at the temples, and travellers who are interested in witnessing the beauty of Indian festivals are strongly advised to make their trip during this time.

Travellers who are making a trip during summers are strongly advised to carry either umbrella or caps to protect themselves from the harsh sun. Apart from this, tourists are strongly advised to stay safe and at a distance as there is a huge population of monkeys in Badami and they should not be irritated or fed with the travellers' food. Rock climbers are strongly advised to go for properly registered rock climbing companies in order to be assured of their own safety.

How many days are enough to travel

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Emergency contact numbers

Badami is a very safe and clean place and extremely tourist friendly. People in town are hospitable and helpful. Yet, it is necessary for travellers to keep themselves safe, especially if they are going out climbing etc. It is important to keep a certified guide or an instructor for the rock climbing trips. While going to the temples, tourists are strongly advised to employ a Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation certified guide, instead of the private organization guides. Following are some of the emergency contact numbers which might come in handy while travelling through Badami.
  • Kerur Police Station

  • Police Station Road, Kerur, Badami
    Near Government Hospital
    Tel: (08357) 230033, (08357) 230733

  • Guledgudda Police Station

  • Police Station Road, Guledgudda, Badami
    Near Hanuman Temple
    Tel: (08357) 250333, (08357) 251028

  • Shri Venkateshwara Hospital

  • Ramdurg Road, Badami
    Tel: 08357 220983

  • Government Hospital

  • 55/3, Guledgudda ,Near Sri Kalidas High School, Badami
    Tel: (08357) 250222 , (08357) 250589

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