Karanji Lake

There are a number of interesting tourist destinations in and around the Indian city of Mysore and the Karanji Lake is definitely one of them. The Karanji Lake is located at the foot hills of the Chamundi mountains which is just behind the Mysore Zoo. The Karanji Lake is very near to the center of the Mysore city and therefore visited by tourists and locals alike.

The Karanji Lake is of an approximate size of 90 acres which is a home to thousands of birds, while some of them are permanent residents of the lake there are others to migrate to the Karanji Lake from far off lands. The Karanji Lake offers boating facilities and its a pleasure to row down the beautiful waters surrounded by the marvels of nature. Except on Tues days, the Karanji Lake is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The visitors planning to take a boat ride in the lake should preferably wear a live saving jacket.

The Karanji Lake is the home to the first ever and the largest walk through aviary and is also a butterfly park. The Regional Museum of Natural History is located on the banks of the Karanji Lake. Set amidst a natural scenario with the Chamundi hills in the backdrop, the Museum is set in a perfect location which allows an unique chance to explore nature and its intricacies. The maintenance of the Karanji Lake is the responsibility of the Mysore zoo authorities who look after the overall security and cleanliness of the place.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011