Adventure Sports in Kodaikanal

The natural setting of Kodaikanal offer the tourists the opportunity to participate in the various adventure sports in Kodaikanal.

The tourists may engage in hiking, trekking, biking and horse riding in the mountainous Western Ghats among the various things to do in Kodaikanal. The beauty of he region is best enjoyed through participation in the adventure sports at Kodaikanal.

The hill town of Kodaikanal has special provisions laid for the children who may visit the parks which offer the opportunity of riding the pony. Horse riding is available in the parks and near the tourists places.

Boating is allowed to the adults and children in the star shaped lake. Fishing can also be done in the star shaped lake. The Berijam Lake is one of the popular picnic spots visited by the tourists and the local people alike.

Other than these, the tourists may also engage in the adventurous activity of trekking and hiking in the region of Kodaikanal.

The hill slopes of the Western Ghats are rich in flora and fauna and offer a pleasurable hiking trail. Home to a variety of birds, Kodaikanal is a paradise for the bird watchers.

Wandering through the misty hill slopes of the Western Ghats at Kodaikanal, the tourists will find the buds of the Kurunji flower that blossom only once in twelve years laying a bluish tinge on the hill slopes.

The tourists may spruce up their vacation and make it exalting by participating in the various adventure sports in Kodaikanal. The adventure sports and activities in Kodaikanal make the vacation an exhilarating and thrilling one.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011