Trekking and Hiking in Kodaikanal

Nestled amidst the Palani Hills at an altitude of 2,133 meters in the Western Ghats, the hill town of Kodaikanal offers numerous opportunities for trekking and hiking.

The tourists may engage in the adventurous sports of trekking and hiking in Kodaikanal. The charming beauty of the hill town is best captured while taking a leisurely stroll through the forested regions or through the casual ascent and descent of the Palani Hills.

Trekking in Kodaikanal is one of the best things to do in Kodaikanal and a popular choice is the Perumal Peak which is a paradisaical retreat for the trekkers. The peak is situated at a distance of 11.3 kilometers from the center of the town.

The tourists may reach the Neutral Saddle from where the ascent of the peak begins. It takes approximately 4 hours for the tourists to climb the ascent of 2,440 meters and reach the summit which provides a spectacular view of the surroundings.

The incline of the peak is not high rising and facilitates the beginners and the novice in trekking.

Hiking in Kodaikanal provides the tourists with an opportunity to enjoy the virgin beauty of the region. One can get a glimpse of the rich flora and fauna of Kodaikanal during a hike down the meandering roads and cascading streams of the hill town.

Kodaikanal has inlaid hiking trails that pass through the shola forest region which is home to variegated orchids and the grizzled giant squirrel.

Trekking and hiking in Kodaikanal reveals the breathtaking beauty of small hill town that is nestled in the midst of the western ghats.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011