Restaurants in Kodaikanal

A Kodaikanal vacation will include a visit to the various restaurants in Kodaikanal hill town. The local delicacies and beverages can be enjoyed in the luxurious establishments that dot the hill town and are placed in multiple venues.

The hospitality of the restaurants of Kodaikanal excel like the delectable delicacies that are served to the visitors. The revenue charged for the dishes are minimal and can be easily afforded by the tourists.

There are different types of restaurants at Kodaikanal that serve the choicest of food to the visitors. Some of the restaurants specialize in vegetarian food. The other restaurants of the hill town specialize in serving non vegetarian food.

Foreign delicacies are also available in some of the restaurants of Kodaikanal. Some of the restaurants are decorated according to the themes depicting the kind of food served by the restaurant. The customers are provided with excellent services from the trained waiters and busboys who aid the waiters in collecting the orders and waiting at the tables.

Local food in Kodaikanal is best available in the small restaurants near the Bazaar or the local market. The restaurants near Anna Salai are also reputed for the mouthwatering local delicacies served to the guests.

Sea food is served in some of the Kodaikanal restaurants. The hotels of the region are also furnished with some of the beat restaurants that are well reputed.

Some of the restaurants in Kodaikannal are listed below:
  • One Snacks, Seven Roads (soft drinks and snacks)
  • Carlton Hotel, Boat Club Road (Continental & Indian, Veg. & non-Veg.)
  • Hotel Astoria, Anna Salai, (Indian, Veg.)
  • Kodai Resort Hotel, Noyce Road (Continental & Indian, veg. & non-veg)
  • Silver Inn. Poet, Thyagarajar Road (western & Indian, veg. & non-veg.)
  • Tibetan Brothers, Poet Thyagarajar Road (Tibetan & Chinese, veg. & non-veg.)
  • Sterling Resorts, Gymkhana Road (Western & Indian, veg. & non veg.)

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011