Shopping in Kodaikanal

The natural beauty of Kodaikanal is its primary attraction but for tourists willing to take back souvenirs there are enough scopes for shopping in Kodaikanal. Shopping is one of the most interesting of the things to do in Kodaikanal.

There are a number of distinct items at sale in Kodaikanal which makes shopping at Kodaikanal interesting. The most popular destination of Shopping in Kodaikanal are the handicrafts and hand loom shops. There are a number of shops in Kodaikanal who sell leather, bone, walnut wood items,shawls,and jewelery.

Besides the hand loom shops one can enjoy shopping in Kodaikanal at the Tibetan stalls which line the road that lead to the Kodaikanal Lake.

For those with a sweet tooth shopping in Kodaikanal is like gliding through a dreamland. The tasty marshmallows, homemade chocolates, and cheese items are the main products at the confectionery shops and bakeries in Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal is endowed with some of the best features of nature and therefore one can also shop for some natural oils and herbs which are found in plenty in Kodaikanal. The most popular items for shopping in Kodaikanal include:

  • Exquisite embroidery
  • Home made chocolates
  • Kodai Cheese
  • Warm cloths
  • Dried flowers
  • Brown bread
  • Jams
  • Peanut Butter
  • Shawls
  • Jewelery
  • Eucalyptus oils
There are a number of interesting location for shopping in Kodaikanal, which include, Khadi Emporium, Corsack, Kurinji Mini Supermarket, Spencer and Company, Handloom Co-operative Stores and Travancore Crafts Work, Government Sales Emporium.

Last Updated on : 05 May 2011