Real Estates in Kollam

Real Estates in Kollam have reached a significant growth in the recent years. The emergence of the Kollam city as well as the district as a major industrial center and the development of the city as an educational hub are the main reasons behind this trend. Due to the growing importance of the city in God's Own Country, Real Estate developers have sensed the potential of Kollam as a location of real estate.

Slowly but steadily, the region around the city of Kollam is becoming more and more popular due to the regular inflow of tourists, business visitors, students and other people from outside. The necessity of more residential complexes, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls have increased. This necessity has given rise to the availability of various kinds of properties in the category of the Real Estates in Kollam. Some of the Kollam real estates include the following:

  • Water Frontage Land
  • Architect Designed Posh House
  • Houses that are accompanied with Outhouses
  • Hospital
  • Land with house

The price of the real estates in Kollam depends on the distance of the property from the nearest railway stations or air terminals. The distance from the city center also determines the price of real estate in Kollam city. The developers, agents, suppliers, builders, architects, engineers, interior decorators in the city are actively engaged in carrying on with numerous real estate projects in the area. Real Estates, Kollam include different variations of properties, some of which are listed below:

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Last Updated on 9/15/2011