Kota to Baroli

Tourists, while on their stay in Kota, can arrange excursion from Kota to Baroli. There are many tourist destinations that are located near Kota. Many hotels in Kota arrange for these excursions in and around Kota for the tourists. Cars can be rented to go on excursions from Kota.

Baroli is also known by the name of Bardoli in Rajasthan. This tourist destination near Kota is situated at a distance of 48 km from Kota. Baroli is popular among the tourists in Rajasthan for the ancient temples that are located in this area.

The tourists on an excursion from Kota to Baroli, love to visit the ancient temples that were constructed during 9th century AD. These temples are considered to be constructed even before the onset of classical period. Tourists can visit this place while on their trip to Rana Pratap Sagar Dam. The architectural works of these temples are fascinating.

In the temples in Baroli, the tourists can see the images and beautiful carvings of Natraj. The sculptures depict Lord Shiva performing the cosmic dance. The most important temple that the tourists will be able to see on an excursion from Kota to Baroli is the temple of Ghateshwara. The pillars of this temple have intricate sculptures and carvings.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011