Kota to Bhanddeora Temple

Kota to Bhanddeora Temple is one of the primary tourists destination visited on an excursion from Kota. The temple is situated atop the Ramgarh Hill and presents a spectacular view of the sprawling city that lies beneath. The temple is frequently visited by the tourists who enjoy the architecture that belongs to the 11th and the 12th century.

The visit to the Bhanddeora Temple in Rajasthan would include a jeep trek of 110 kilometers from the city of Kota. The distance can be traversed in the hired car that is easily available in the city of Kota. The old place of worship was constructed in the early centuries and still bears the magnificence and the grandeur of its primary years. The carvings created on the temple are marveled by the tourists. The temple is popularly known as the 'Khajuraho of Rajasthan'.

The majesty of the sacred sanctum has slowly withered with time. The temple now stands in the ruinous state on the hill top. The temple was earlier the prominent place of worship of the hamlets that are situated close on the foothills of the Ramgarh Hill. The temple also rose to popularity as an tourists destination which is easily accessible from the city of Kota in the state of Rajasthan. The ride in the jeep from Kota to Bhanddeora Temple also unveils a thrilling journey through the sandy roads of the desert state with scanty vegetation on either sides. There are more tourists places to visit in the district of Baran where the temple is situated.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011