Ishwari Niwas Haveli Bundi

A holiday from Kota to Ishwari Niwas Haveli Bundi gives the taste of a slice of Indian history. Dating back to the time of Maharao Ishwari Singh, the Bundi Ishwari Niwas Haveli, near Kota, is now been partly converted into a heritage hotel. Situated at a convenient distance of 40 km, the haveli was the official residence of the Dewan of Bundi. Later, the Ishwari Niwas Haveli was taken over by Keshari Singh, the brother of Maharao in the year 1945. He still resides in the haveli.

The Ishwari Niwas Haveli of Bundi was opened to the general public, a few years back and those in search of excursions from Kota can have a distinctly stylish holiday out in the haveli. The haveli is ornately designed in the conventional style, in a marvelous mingling of Indian and European style of architecture. The ancestral haveli reflects its own history, tradition and time in spite of providing modern day conveniences.

The walls of this seventy year old Ishwari Niwas Haveli Bundi are adorned by the creative brilliance of the Bundi style painting. The bright bold colors, the mystery in the lining and the intricacies are unique in itself. The haveli recreates a romantic ambiance with the memoirs of an enriched past.

The Ishwari Niwas Haveli in Bundi is easily accessible from Kota by regular bus services and private hire cars. The short drive to the haveli is sure to provide an excellent get away option evoking a plethora of nostalgia and taking one down the memory lane.

Last Updated on 07 December 2011