Parasailing in Kovalam

Kovalam Beach is known for its active water sport activities and parasailing in Kovalam is an experience to remember. Besides the intriguing water sports, parasailing in Kovalam is also a major attraction for the adventure loving tourists. An experience by itself, nothing can beat the feeling of flying high up into the sky amidst the clouds. Besides the enchanting feeling, parasailing in Kovalam allows a bird's eye view of the entire region which is a spectacle.

The process of parasailing in Kovalam is similar to parasailing any where else in the world. A rope of about 300 feet of length is attached to the parasail harness and the other end is tied to a speed boat. The parasailor is firmly attached to the parasails.

As the speed boat acquires speed and runs through the Sea, the parasailor is hauled high into the sky. The momentum and the height of the parasails depend on the boat while the parasailor controls it sideways.

Parasailing in Kovalam can be best enjoyed from the month of October to the month of March. The, sky during this time is clear and cloudless and the temperature is perfect to enjoy parasailing in Kovalam. The adventure and splendor involved in this sport has made it very popular among the tourists visiting Kovalam.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011