Surfing in Kovalam

Kovalam in the Indian State of Kerala is known to be one of the sportiest beaches in the country and surfing in Kovalam is a special experience. The coral reefs, gigantic waves and strong currents all make surfing in Kovalam an experience to remember. The Kovalam beach is pretty long and is actually divided into three parts; therefore, there is ample expanse of water to accommodate hundreds of surfers.

Technically, the sea, the waves and the current at the Kovalam beach is ideal for surfing. The beach experiences fine waves at regular intervals which vary from a height of 0.5 meters to 2 meters. Surfing in Kovalam is made easy by the availability of surf boards on the beach. One can hire a surfing board for approximately $6 per day. There are also provisions of life guards and trainers who instruct the novices who can try their skill in surfing.

Aware of the potential of surfing in Kovalam, Kerala Tourism Department is taking up methods to improvise on this sport. They are even investing money to create an artificial multi-purpose submerged surfing reef. Thus surfing in Kovalam is soon going to acquire a new dimension and will attract more tourists.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011