Hotel Blue Sea Kovalam

Kovalam is an exquisite paradisaical beach that happens to be one of India's most popular tourist destinations. The beach resort that abounds in manifold accommodation options that range from sophisticated luxury hotels for the rich and the economic hotels for the bourgeoisie and the proletariats. Hotel Blue Sea is one of the premier budget hotels Kovalam.

Ensconced in an oasis of idyllic green where the shimmering waves gently lap against the shores, the silhouette of the impressive 75 year old colonial style edifice called Hotel Blue Sea stands tall against the luxuriant backdrop.

Sited in the epicenter of the bucolic hamlet Kovalam village, Hotel Blue Sea is a large and spacious building whose architecture has been strategically planned to allow proper ventilation so that refreshing wafts of fresh air keep the ambiance fresh and cool.

The erstwhile residence of one of Kerala's former gallant squires, the refurbishment of the luxurious home into Hotel Blue Sea was a brainchild of his two grandsons. They added a set of modern washrooms, one sprawling swimming pool and a set of 6 quaint two roomed cottages that ooze oodles of old world and overlooking the spectacular vistas adorned by the lofty palm groves. To add to the charm quotient, mynahs and parakeets are also kept in the cottages whose melodious twitters are a treat for the city slickers used to the raucous cacophony of busy cities.

The homely ambiance, the excellent multi cuisine restaurant, provisions for yoga and ayurvedic therapy as well as a rich platter of cultural potpourri organized by the hotel ensure that tourists enjoy a memorable vacation.

The tariffs range from:
  • Non Air conditioned Standard Double rooms:Rs. 850.00
  • Non Air conditioned Cottages : Rs. 2000.00
  • Air conditioned Temple Rooms: Rs. 3000.00
  • Air conditioned Balcony Room: Rs. 2500.00
For further information on Hotel Blue Sea, contact:
Hotel Blue Sea
Beach Road, Kovalam
Thiruvananthapuram- 695527, Kerala, India.

Last Updated on 9/15/2011