Useful Information on Lakshadweep

The useful information on Lakshadweep provides the citizens with a brief idea about the important telephone numbers and addresses that are required during emergencies. Headed by a very efficient and experienced administrator, Honorable H. Rajesh Prasad an IAS Officer, the Union Territory of Lakshadweep is equipped with excellent infrastructural facilities that enable the local population of the region to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

The Union Territory in collaboration with numerous non governmental organizations and self help groups provide cohesive, coherent and systematic information on the various civic amenities of the region. The citizens as well as the tourists can avail the services of any vital installations and infrastructures of Lakshadweep by dialing the required number.

Being an important tourist hub, the numerous important functionaries of Lakshadweep has to be vigilant all the time to avoid any unwanted situation. The citizens and the tourists can find out the important numbers from the telephone directory during times of emergencies. The useful information on Lakshadweep offers a plethora of emergency telephone numbers that helps to maintain peace and decorum in the Union Territory.

Telephone numbers of Airports in Lakshadweep

The only Lakshadweep Airport is positioned at the Agatti island. Indian Airlines provides regular flight services from Cochin International airport to Agatti in all week days barring Sundays. Apart from the Agatti airport, the island of Lakshadweep has no other established air terminal within its premises.

Lakshadweep is a famous tourist hub. People from various states of India and even from foreign countries come to visit this beautiful island which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Although there are no significant transportation infrastructure in the island, yet plans are going on to upgrade the existing facilities and establishment of new air travel resources in the place. Offering a magnificent scope of viewing the out-of-the-world coral reefs, Agatti is a favorite destination for all those who wish to explore the enigmatic charms of Lakshadweep. The airport of Agatti not only makes the access to the main island easy but also adds credibility to the tourism prospects of Lakshadweep as a whole.

Until new air terminals are coming up in the island,Lakshadweep airport will signify the air head at Agatti only.Useful information on Lakshadweep includes important numbers of the island's airport which are as follows:
  • 242219 (senior manager, airport, Agatti)
  • 242217 (AGM, Agatti airport)
  • 242361 (post assistant airport)

Police in Lakshadweep

The Lakshadweep Police plays a vital role in maintaining peace and decorum of the Union Territory. Equipped with modern infrastructure, the police stations of Lakshadweep are supported by experienced police officers who have successfully maintained the social harmony and peaceful co-existence of the citizens. Lakshadweep was blessed with a modern police station in the year of 1958 in the Minicoy island of the Union Territory. The police station began as a small unit of police officers who kept a vigil on the various activities of the region. Since then Lakshadweep has been equipped with several police stations that takes care of the security of the Union Territory.

The Lakshadweep police are known for their friendly and helpful nature. Devoted to their duty and dedicated to selflessly serve the Union Territory, the police officers look after the welfare of each and every citizen of the region. The honest, efficient and knowledgeable Lakshadweep police have helped the Union Territory to become a safe haven for local citizens as well as the tourists. The useful information on Lakshadweep helps one to access the telephone numbers of the various police stations of the Union Territory.

Some of the important telephone numbers of the Police Stations of the inhabited islands are:
  • Superintendent of Police of Kavaratti- 04896-262258(o)
  • Circle Inspector of Police of Kavaratti- 04896-263446(o)
  • OIC Police Station of Amini- 04891-273244(o)
  • OIC Police Station of Minicoy- 04892- 222232(o)

Water Supply in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Water Supply Board functions under the supervision of the Public Works Department of the island. The board performs a significant role in supplying hygienic drinking water to every single household of Lakshadweep. The main sources of drinking water available in the island are rainwater and groundwater. Since the island of Lakshadweep is surrounded by sea so it is but obvious that the common quality of water found in the place is of saline nature. The government of Lakshadweep carries out various purification and extraction plans from time to time to reduce the amount of salinity in the water.

Rainwater harvesting is a major medium of drinking water in Lakshadweep. The roof tops of houses, educational institutes and other similar structures are used for setting up of tanks where the rainwater is collected. Later, this water is purified by various distillation procedures. The beneficial side of rainwater harvesting is that this comes at a minimal cost without any kind of electricity usage and also there are no possibilities of environmental pollution. In Kavaratti itself 300 government complexes have been used for installing rainwater tanks, while in Agatti 278 residential accommodations have been facilitated with such tanks.

The islands of Lakshadweep also boasts of quite a number of drinking water taps which are utilized by the local inhabitants. Kiltan has the maximum number of street taps which counts for around 339. Minicoy and Kalpeni islands of Lakshadweep have total of 235 and 198 street taps, respectively. In order to ensure the highest quality, the Water supply department of Lakshadweep is equipped with nine water quality testing laboratory which are situated in every surrounding island of the place.

Lakshadweep Water Supply Board consistently operates across the length and breadth of the island to bring highest standards of safety in the field of drinking water.

Post Offices in Lakshadweep

ltan - (04898) 272260
  • kalpeni - (04895) 252230 Facilities of speed post and book post are also available in some of the post offices of the island.

    As a whole it can be said that the entire framework of Lakshadweep Post Office is made in such a way that not a single island of the place remain devoid of the multi-dimensional postal services.

    Last Updated on 02 April 2013